Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Workshop 3: Goblin Kwesti Johnson

Here are the slides from the workshop (updated with a totally inadequate summary of the story we told).

Random Goblin Goals.

@GhostSymposium. "Checking out a kind of interesting abstract on photosynthesis in the work of Marx." Made using Tracery and cheapbotsdonequick.

Choice of Games: a contest for writing an interactive fiction game / novel. Deadline January 2018.

Here is Sarah Sahim's bot-making tutorial, which I followed to make @sexsettleslay. It combines two Twitter feeds (I think using Markov chains. Also I have no idea why I gave it that name).

Here's a great list of Twitter bot tutorials. (Or if you just want to see the results of two accounts mashed up, let me know and I can tweak @sexsettleslay for a week or two).

Ambershadow Ambler.

Daveena Tauber, Post-Election College Paper Grading Rubric.

Forest of Rhetoric.

Hypothesis: Among those angry / saddened / frightened / galvanized by the result of the US election, a lot of conversation has swirled around variations of liberal vs. progressive positions (e.g. the respective weighting of race, gender, and economics as factors) mainly because neither liberals nor progressives can understand Trump apologists well enough even to criticize them, let alone fight and/or persuade them?


'Di Great Insohreckshan'

Zoe Leonard, "I. Want. A. President."

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