Thursday, 22 December 2016

Workshop 4: Mince Spies

See the slides from the latest workshop.

We mostly focused on two things:

(a) an Ambershadow Ambler writing/improv exercise, which now I wish I'd recorded (clandestine surveillance maybe) or at least taken better notes on. Something about benevolent super-evolved moths, replicant iguanas, planetary scale Trump branding, a passenger who was actually a forest, and of course wearing time like a bow-tie. One of the aims of the exercise was emotional nuance and a sense of realism, so.

(b) cut-ups, bricolage, and the use of constrained writing / found writing within a larger "layered" writing practice.

There are two (maybe three?) sessions yet to come, probably one focusing on the spectral symposium, and one creating a narrative using the game Fiasco. But get in touch if you have particular things you want to try out or explore before end of the series!

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